Diamonds: The idea of forever
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Clients with jewelleryA precious stone like a diamond represents more than anything – “The idea of forever”
It says “I love you”

A diamond is formed over millions of years under intense heat and pressure, and is considered to be one of the hardest substances in the world.

It’s rarity and beauty is what fetch’s it’s greatest value, because it symbolizes romantic love and the commitment you’re making together.

At Aqua jewellers all our diamonds are GIA certified to a “Very Good” or “Excellent” grade and any diamond purchased above half a carat (0.50ct) is guaranteed to have its own internationally recognized diamond certificate to give you the surety and confidence that the diamond that we sell you is the quality that we have stated.

Due to our high standards and unparalleled reputation, you can be assured that we will never sell a diamond that does not meet our quality standards.

Once we have established the diamond of your choice, you will be presented with a selection of loose diamonds to choose from, and our master jeweller will be right by your side to help guide you and answer any questions along the way.

The following text is in most part taken from the GIA website, which we highly recommend you visit.
Diamond Certification Lab of Australia:
Gemmological Institute of America:


There are four major factors usedto describe, classify and price diamonds.

Colour – Clarity – Cut – Carat

These may help evaluate any diamond’s you may be looking to purchase, thus better defining your target “quality” at the right budget



Most diamonds are nearly colourless with faint yellow or brown tints. They usually fall into the normal colour range and are graded by their relative lack of colour.

In general, the less colour the higher the value.

The GIA colour grading scale starts with “D” being the highest (colourless) range value to “Z” which is a light yellow tint, thus being less expensive. Fancy colour diamonds are outside the normal colour grading system.


A diamond will have “internal features” called “inclusions” which are tiny mineral crystals. They may also have surface irregularities, called blemishes (scratches and nicks).

These two together are called a diamonds “clarity characteristics”, which also effect value and beauty.

Clarity’s influence on value is directly related to rarity. Flawless diamonds are almost impossible to find, and are commanding top prices.

Inclusions seen by the naked eye are usually very inexpensive, and stones in the middle range make up most of the diamonds on the retail market.

(FR) Flawless – shows no inclusions or blemishes

(IF) Internally Flawless – No inclusions, but some minor blemishes

(VVS 1-2) Very Very Slightly Included – minor inclusions difficult to see

(VS 1-2) Very Very Slightly Included – minute inclusions (small crystals, clouds or feathers)

(SI 1-2) Slightly Included – contain inclusions (clouds, crystals, knots, cavities, feathers)

(I1, 2,3) Included – contain inclusions (larger crystals or feathers) may affect transparency and brilliance


Cut is the shape and style of a polished diamond, and is a key factor in determining value.

Professional’s also look at proportion, symmetry, and finish.

The quality of a diamonds polish, the condition of it’s girdle and precision of it’s cut are all “value factors” and are often referred to as “Make” in the diamond trade:

A diamond with a good “Make” is bright, fiery, symmetrical and sparkles with light

Visit both the GIA or DCLA (diamond certification) websites for more information on:

Brilliance – combination of all the white light reflection

Dispersion – “the fire” – breaking up of white light into a rainbow

Scintillation – (sparkle) Tiny flashes of light when the diamond moves

CARAT (Weight)

The basic measuring unit of diamonds (fractions of a carat)

Example: A diamond that is 1.03 carat’s is “one point oh three carats”, and a diamond that is .83 carats is described as “83 points”.
A small paper clip weighs approximately a carat


“All the C’s are created equal”

Take all four factors equally into consideration when assessing the true value of a diamond.

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