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Copy and past the below link in your browser.
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Diamonds are Girls best friend, to get to know your best friend you will need to know few facts about them. Here is a link with very interesting facts about Diamond..Enjoy Copy And past in your browser
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Dear Adam, I couldn’t be happier with how you have interpreted my design. You’ve really captured what we wanted and I love wearing my ring. Thank you so much.
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“Sean and I would like to thank Adam and the team at Aqua Jewellery for customising my dream engagement ring. We are overwhelmed with the final product. The quality, detail and craftsmanship of my ring is exquisite. Adam’s experience, knowledge and guidance on selecting the perfect diamond was unparalleled. Adam makes this process easy by...
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Gold isn’t just for jewellery and pretty clothes. Gold is used in window glass and astronaut helmets to reflect infrared rays while allowing the sunlight to pass through and keeping it cool. A medical study in France during the early twentieth century suggests that “gold salts” or the ionic chemical compounds of gold, when injected,...
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Diamond is April’s birthstone. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on Earth. Diamonds were formed billions of years ago through a combination of tremendous pressure and temperatures of 2000º –3000º F at depths between 75 and 120 miles beneath the earth’s surface. Diamond crystals are brought closer to the earth’s surface through volcanic activity. Diamonds...
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As we all know you enter the engagement ring challenge of choosing the most up to date style of ring. However jewellery fashion changes every 3-5 years and I have seen it over and over, where people go for the most recent designs, only to find it outdated a few years down the track. Then...
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To clean your diamond rings at home is simple, place your diamond rings in a small casserole fill with water add one spoon of standard house hold washing powder boil the water with the rings inside until the boiling point leave the rings soaked until the water is cool by then the rings should be...
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A client has been refered to Aqua Jewellers, had no idea of what type of engagement ring to go for. The client only new that she likes Art Deco type of rings, she want to show the centre stone as the main feature. Adam submitted 3 designs that Match her vision, she picked this beautiful...

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