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Designer’s and creator’s of fine & unique jewellery with personalised service by a master craftsman.
Who We Are?

Designer’s and creator’s of fine & unique jewellery with personalised service by a master craftsman.

Adam Obeid has been making jewellery since he was an apprentice in Syria.

As a master designer and jeweller, his work is of the highest standard and his reputation unparalleled. He has been commissioned to create unique, one-of-a-kind masterpieces for a wide variety of high-end fashion firms, such as BVLGARI, CARTIER and others.

He has also designed and created remarkable jewellery for both the Saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti royal families.

This experience, together with his worldwide knowledge, has provided him with an exceptional understanding of his trade.

By creating traditional and designer jewellery, as well as antique replicas and remodelled pieces, Adam has the knowledge and skill to create the perfect work of art for you and your loved one.

What We Do?

Unlike traditional jewellery stores that have a selection of ready, made up rings they wish to sell you, we do not keep any pre made rings on display, as we work on concepts and ideas the client wishes to have created. This is where the fun starts, watching your precious pease of jewellery come to life. Our aim is to design and handcraft a unique piece of jewellery that is not only exclusive to you, but has also been designed and handcrafted to compliment your choice of diamonds along with your choice of price.

Most people are afraid of having their jewellery designed and tailor made to their specifications, as normally a process such as this would come with big price tag. You will be surprised as Aqua Jewellers promise is that, you can have custom made jewellery for less than the cost of a readymade one. You can be sure it’s yours only.

With new trends and the advancement of technology, along with the commitment and dedication of providing the highest standards of design and creation, Adam has taken on board and implemented the use of CAD (Computer-Aided Design), a new tool only recently introduced in the jewellery industry.

CAD is the use of computer programs to create two-or-three dimensional (2D or 3D) graphical representations of physical objects, making it possible for jewellery designers and manufacturers to design, modify and make delicate and sophisticated pieces of jewellery, precisely and quickly.

As an experienced designer and maker of fine jewellery, coupled with his extensive knowledge of the CAD software, and along with your ideas, Adam will be able to quickly design your dream ring in 3D, and produce high quality renderings, in line with that of a photo image for you to see.

CAD has not only enabled greater design accuracy, and the ability to modify and make jewellery precisely and quickly, but more importantly, now allows the customer to make changes and agree on the perfect design before manufacturing takes place.

CAD is not only used to enhance the design aspect, but more so to enhance the customer service by engaging the customer in the entire experience, from beginning to end, with the ability to continue offering traditional customer service at the same time.

Like any other tool, however, it must be used well. What sets Adam apart from the rest , is that most jewellers/stores outsource their CAD work to those who are experienced in the use of the software, but lack the skill and knowledge of a master jeweller, acquired after years of handling and working with delicate pieces of jewellery and therefore don’t have the eye for those fine detailed finishes.

Whether it simply is handcrafted or a combination of the two, handcrafted with the assistance of CAD for design, come in and experience first-hand, the master designer and jeweller, building piece by piece, creating and bringing together your dream jewellery.

At Aqua jewellers we are not only dedicated in fulfilling your requirements, but more so, in exceeding expectations! And For this reason we offer a life time warranty on quality and workmanship.

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